Reclaiming Forgiveness

Restoring the Healing & Shedding the Manipulation

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Reclaiming Forgiveness

Restoring the Healing & Shedding the Manipulation

3 module online program

Former polygamist wife, current mother of 13 children, registered nurse, midwife, Psychosomatic Therapist and entrepreneur, Freyja Inanna has brought deep insights and wisdom from her personal life journey into illuminating a topic that is largely misunderstood in our society.

  • So many find themselves in the peculiar place of being pressured to ‘forgive & forget’ by those who created the trust issue in the first place.
  • Then there are the well-meaning friends going on and on about the importance of forgiveness...
  • ...and pressuring the one betrayed, seemingly in favor of the one who did the betrayal!
  • On top of that, many of us feel a deep conviction and desire to forgive for our own peace of mind, but find that it's just too difficult.
  • And then there is the concern that 'forgive and forget' is just a setup so it can happen all over again.
  • Even harder, sometimes, is the forgiveness of SELF.
  • As the one who betrayed trust, it can be a real struggle, having hurt someone and not knowing how to make it ‘right’…
  • That helpless, awkward feeling of knowing a mistake has been made, but not knowing what to do...

If ANY or ALL of these resonate, or if there is any other confusion around the concept and process of forgiveness, this program is meant for YOU!

In this new 3-module online program, Freyja, with her life partner Michael Inanna, bring clarity on how the concept of Forgiveness is often misused, and how when used properly, brings great peace and personal power. Together from their Costa Rica Retreat Center, they deconstruct the beautiful personal restorative power of Forgiveness from the too-often bundled issues around Reconciliation, Restoration of Trust, and Absolution. They shed light on how these are separate issues, and show that when we allow them to be merged and conflated, we disempower ourselves and set ourselves up for abuse and a violation of our boundaries.

Using videos, original articles and their own guided meditations and proprietary body-level processes, Freyja & Michael have created clarity around the restoration of relationships damaged by betrayal, and they gently guide the participants through their own process of forgiveness of others, and even more importantly, forgiveness of their own selves.

Course Outline

Module 1: Deconstructing Modern Confusion Around Forgiveness

Lumping unrelated principles together creates confusion which can be exploited.

  1. Restoration of trust
  2. Reconciliation
  3. Absolution
  4. The Moral Imperative
    • The ways morality plays into the manipulation and resulting abuse of these concepts
    • Our own beliefs, where they come from, and how they interfere with our process
    • When others project their own beliefs into our process

Module 2: When Trust is Broken

Navigating through both sides of the relationship dynamics of restoration

  1. Accepting accountability: the sooner the better
  2. Breaching the topic: How it begins can make all the difference
  3. Right/Wrong vs. Works/Doesn’t Work
  4. The shame and blame game will end the game
  5. Communication techniques for navigating difficult topics

When the blade is reversed

Holding out real reconciliation for control or vindictiveness: How…and why.

  1. Unresolved emotions around the hurt and betrayal
  2. When we feel weak and disempowered, and how we act out

Module 3: Forgiveness of Self & Others and the Blessings That Follow

  1. Forgiveness – a beautiful gift to yourself
  2. Absolution – a beautiful gift to your partner, friend or family member
  3. Restoring trust – how, when, why and if
  4. Reconciliation – a two-way street
  5. The path to restoring a fractured relationship
    • The offender – healing the why.
    • The offended – healing the hurt.
    • Emotional release and emotional maturity.
    • Holding authenticity – for both partners.
    • Relationship repair through releasing old containers and creating new ones

    6. Forgiveness of Self - Your most important relationship

We look forward to seeing you inside!

This program includes one 60 minute private mentoring call with us to assist in moving through the powerful healing process of forgiveness as it applies to your individual situation. You may schedule this call at any time during this program as it feels most beneficial to you. We are excited to hear your breakthroughs and witness the powerful shifts you create in your life and relationships by integrating the powerful information and processes we have prepared for you!

This deep dive into the practice and process of forgiveness

(or 'for-gift-ing') is a powerful healing gift to you!

Your Instructor

Freyja & Michael Inanna
Freyja & Michael Inanna

Michael and Freyja are a sacred, passionate partnership, well grounded in the healing arts and are the co-founders of 'Inanna Sanctuary', a healing retreat center located in beautiful Costa Rica. They are known in their circles for seeing beyond the constraints of society’s traditional beliefs around healing and sexuality and taking a more holistic and open view, both in their own life paths and in their work with others. Michael and Freyja are powerfully matched catalysts for growth, showing up as teachers, coaches and healers with their unique blend of intuition, connection, experience and talent.

Freyja’s twenty plus years of training and experience as a registered nurse and midwife have given her a deep connection with women and how to engage with them fully in the process of stepping into their power.

Michael has brought a unique perspective in his studies and research over the last twelve years into human sexuality, past and present, and how the history of sexuality relates to religion and cultural norms.

Their discovery of Integrative Orgasmic Life Alchemy was the missing link to combining their gifts in a way that expresses their passion for creating healing at a deep level and shifting society’s thinking around healthy sexuality and relationships. Together, they create deep transformational healing and freedom within strong, motivated women and men by helping them release left over shame and trauma so they can access their full power!



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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

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